Hello all,

We in The Belvederes have always treated our fellow members as family.  It is for that reason we are taking an indefinite hiatus.  

Performing live music for over a decade is a dream come true and the bonds we’ve forged will last a lifetime, as will the memories of playing for all of our friends and family.  Nevertheless, it does take a toll and anyone who has seen us in action knows we leave it all on stage, leaving very little in the tank for the day to day.

We are not projecting a date to return and if we did, it would be under a drastically different format.  It feels like now is the right time to step back and figure out what is really important.

Thank you for the love, energy and support through the years.  Please continue to support live music and know that this was not an easy decision, or one we take lightly.

See you all down the road,
John Michael Ford, Joe Alonzo, Tyler Kock & Joe Nocchi




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